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Bead & Button

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Bead & Button teaches you beading technique and design. Each issue is filled with full-color photos, clearly written step-by-step projects, and inspirational design ideas. Special features include product reviews, articles on vintage jewelry, and Q&A sections from experts in beading.

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Customer Reviews

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    Bead Addicts, This One's for You!

    Addiction. It's a word that's tossed around a lot nowadays - you got your sex addicts, your drug addicts, your gambling addicts, your thrill addicts...such a somber subject, such grim and life-destroying issues. But bead addiction - now there's a joyful topic, to those of us so afflicted! (Though perhaps not to those brave souls with whom we co-habit, whose lives are enlivened by the constant thrills of waking in their bed to find tiny beads stuck to their personal anatomies, the less-than-soothing bedtime alert that "there might be a needle or two somewhere in the bed, dear", and the certain knowledge that at any given time the grocery money may well have...

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    Brings Out Your Beading Creativity! Nice Photos!

    I started receiving Bead and Button magazine when it was first published in 1994. I still have the premiere issue as well as all of the issues that have been published since then. I would never part with a single issue! At that time I was a bead hobbyist who enjoyed making beaded necklaces on the side. Alot has changed since then. We now own a bead store in Roanoke, Virginia where we have a chance to help others learn the addictive craft of beading. Bead and Button has been a huge help in giving us projects to show our customers and ideas for new classes.

    This magazine is full of beading tips, projects, and luscious photos that are sure to inspire...

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    For serious bead-a-holics

    I am not in love with this magazine, I'm in lust! I can't wait for my next issue to arrive, they could produce it twice a month and it wouldn't be enough! But then, I guess you have to be adicted to beading to understand that!

    I have recommended this magazine to everyone I have ever met who is interested in learning to bead. Why? Because the instructions are so clear, and so detailed, that from the first moment you wax a thread and dump some beads on your worktable you can make beutiful jewelry. And to make it even better, if the instructions for the project don't have what you are looking for, there is a section in the back that details all the...

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