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Are you out of your element when you're in the developed, hustling and bustling city? Do you long for the scent of pine trees under the open blue sky? Backpacker is the magazine of wilderness travel. Perfect for the outdoor sports enthusiast, Backpacker includes ideal outdoor destinations and the latest in outdoor equipment.

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Customer Reviews

    • Rating

    Backpacker magazine is obviously a magazine that is about the wonderful world of backpacking. They do gear reviews, rate places to go, have excellent stories, and if you pay attention to their advertising you can really save some money. I think that Backpacker is the best outdoor magazine that is in print, and here are the reasons why.

    First, look at their gear reviews, they do in depth articles on all types of gear from stoves to tents. This is a wonderful source for the serious backpacker who wants to make informed decisions. Also, once a year they publish a VERY in depth review of thousands of products. If you decide not to subscribe to...

    • Rating
    The ultimate Gear guide

    This is the Consumer Reports of the backpacking world. Compared to other hiking magizines like "Outside" that advertise everything as top of the line with out evidence, Backpacker's reserchers test varoius products for months before writing a final review. Each researcher is sent to a different area/climate and writes there own opinion and gives the product a grade(1-4). Then the avergae of the grades is the final score. Backpacker Magazine has directed to the purchase of my stove, and has taught me better ways to take care of my purchases as well(cleaning my sleeping bag, and keeping my tent seams sealed). Though the magazine comes at a high...

    • Rating
    Backpacker Magazine

    Backpacker magazine is an excellent publication for many reasons. As a lifelong student of nature, it expands my horizons of travel planning. It shows me places I may never get to travel to, but still am able to appreciate the beauty. As an all-around camper and hiker, it offers a myriad of practical advice that may apply to many outdoors situations. The equipment reviews are very good, also, especially for boots. The only downside to some of the equipment, particularly the rain gear, is it a little out of range of your average middle-class scout leader type, as is the author. But then, good gear lasts so much longer, and is worth it's weight in gold...

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