Reviews For Antique Trader Magazine

Antique Trader is loaded with relevant information for collectors

This magazine is published 43 times a year, with anywhere from 48 to 64 pages per issue. Many of the issues hold exclusive excerpts from Krause Publications antiques and collectibles books on subjects like depression glass, vintage fishing lures, Hummel figurines, Santa dolls ... the list goes on and on. Regular columns appear on fine art, the antiques market, antique furniture, free subscriber appraisals, antique dolls, silver care, letters to the editor and more! As well as relevant news on antiques and collectibles. The Antique Trader website [...] has a free magazine sample (in PDF format) available for download on their homepage.

Not impressed

Mainly all ads, not very much content on or about antiques as bragged about.


I'm a little disappointed I purchased this for my dad for father's day I thought it was a magazine but it's actually a 6 page flyer with 3 holes on the side to put in a binder. I just think it's a little pricey for a flyer but he said he enjoys it and the information is good.