Reviews For American Artist Magazine

Best design/lifestyle magazine ever!

Reading this magazine is like opening a fascinating jewel box. Full of incredible layouts of unique homes, accompanied by inspiring DIY pages. Much more unique and witty than the other decor mags out there. One could pore over the photos for hours, marveling at the tiny "why didn't I think of that?" details.

So fantastic!

I absolutely adore Elle Decoration - as several other reviewers have noted, unfortunately, the American version can't compare. The spaces are gorgeous, and infinitely more imaginative and vivacious. All of my American magazines (with the exception of Interior Design) get ripped apart, with a few pages pulled out and the rest tossed - Elle Decoration always gets saved in its entirety. I highly recommend - these magazines are eye candy, and they are truly worth the extra cost of an import.

decoration lover

i like this mag so much, since i'm a real lover of art& decoration