Reviews For American Artist Drawing Magazine

12-16 weeks to receive 1st issue????

I've looked at this magazine many times and like it, it's full of good stories and examples of accomplished artists who draw really well. I wanted to subscribe, but then I saw the words "first issue should arrive in 12 to 16 weeks". While I appreciate the honesty, why bother to advertise something that you can't deliver for 3 to 4 months (and the word "should" implies that maybe it will be delivered in that period of time, that's maybe!). Sorry folks, I know this is the age of computers, but even if your network is down, you "should" be able to fix it quicker than that. Or, if you are too busy and overwhelmed with new subscriptions right now, you "should" be able to double your workforce in less than 3-4 months, shouldn't you???????

not for anyone but advanced artists

I was looking for a magazine that would show the full range of drawing techniques, this magazine was a big disappointment. There are many simple tricks that can help an artist to draw but were not found in any of the issues I got. I am an artist and found the examples in this magazine to hard to follow.