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The nation's first consumer and lifestyle magazine for people with Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder and an important resource for parents and teachers meeting the challenges of this disability. Includes articles by top medical journalists and celebr
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  1. Best & easiest overall up to date ADHD info
    I was diagnosed with ADHD shortly after my 7 yr son and immediately began to scour the Web for info. There is a lot of info but you have to take the time to find it - this magazine brings all of that info together in print and online in short easy to read (particularly to those of us with ADHD) format. I want to know all the latest info on ADHD and now I can without the previous time and effort required. Because there's no "cure" for ADHD, it's a daily struggle (even with medicine) to find what works for you to help you overcome the frustrations and limitations resulting from the condition. The magazine helps remind me that I'm not alone in my struggles...
  2. Great resource- better than many books on the subject
    I am a pediatrician with 2 ADHD children. Although I have alot of technical knowledge on the subject, I have found this magazine extremely helpful in terms of suggestions for problem-solving day-to-day issues, and keeping things in perspective (if they discuss the same problems we're having in a magazine, then the challenges my kids face and my less-than-perfect parenting are not failures of discipline and self-control- we're just part of the ADHD community!) Very straightforward, balanced, but mainstream viewpoint. Lots of practical articles about living with ADHD in all settings and behavioral/ cognitive interventions. Doesn't push medication, although...
  3. Everything you wanted to know about ADD
    I had no idea there was so much help, resources or products out there to help those of us with ADD. This magazine AND the Web site of the same name were essential when I was first diagnosed.

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